Lead Yourself First

Do you want to inspire people to take positive action - to lead yourself and others to greatness? Our Energy Leadership Development program provides the knowledge, skill development, and interactive support needed to help you transform your life and positively impact the lives of those around you. Become the leader you are meant to be.
Lead Yourself First

Reduce the Drag

Research psychologists tell us that mindset is critical to success, but perhaps you are unclear about how that applies to you. Even though you are usually positive and optimistic about your life and your work, you find that stressful thoughts and negative emotional reactions to people or events often disrupt your focus and slow your productivity. As an Academy student, you will learn to raise your core energy level and harness your thoughts and emotions to work for you, instead of against you. This is the basis of conscious leadership.
Reduce the Drag

Manage Time & Enjoy Life

Today, the biggest time saver in the developed world is also the biggest time waster - that's right: the computer. But it's not the only reason we feel we are not getting enough accomplished. Learn the six major influencers that get in our way and the ten success disciplines that will transform the quality of your life and your ability to enjoy it.
Manage Time & Enjoy Life


The Art of Self Leadership

Evolution Arts Academy offers a personal approach to leadership training and coaching. Leaders meet individually with COR.E Dynamics Specialist Dr. Lynn Waldorf to discuss their goals and create a tailored program that will allow them to move forward at their own pace. Depending on their needs and preferences, leaders work one-on-one with Lynn, take an online course, or join a curated mastermind group where they benefit from scheduled trainings, guest speakers, and the collective knowledge and experiences shared by the members of the group.

2020 Summer Offerings

Assessments • Coaching • Masterminds • Courses

  • ENERGY LEADERSHIP INDEX ASSESSMENT. Measure your core energy and learn how to boost creativity, intuition, synergy, and enjoyment, while decreasing stress and other energy drains.

  • INDIVIDUAL COACHING. Contact Academy Director, Lynn Waldorf, for a complimentary session to discuss your needs. lynn@evoartsacademy.com

  • ENERGY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT MASTERMIND. This is a year-long group program that provides step-by-step guidance in becoming a more conscious and skilled leader. The mastermind format provides a mutually supportive environment with other leaders facing similar challenges.

  • RECLAIM YOUR EVENINGS & WEEKENDS. This 6-week course explores options for dealing with daily frustrations, energy blocks and procrastination. Students develop a plan with new strategies for tackling time management issues and creating more balance in their work and personal lives.


  • How do I find out more information about the self leadership program?

    Send your questions to info@evoartsacademy.com.

  • Is it possible to take the Energy Leadership Development Program on a individual basis, so I can work on it according to my own schedule?

    Absolutely. Request an appointment with Lynn to discuss your individual coaching program at lynn@evoartsacademy.com.

  • Does the Academy have a money-back guarentee?

    Yes! Each offering has a limited time, full-refund policy which is explained during the application process.

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